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Introducing the new official Krunker app, completely rebuilt to provide a seamless mobile gaming experience. Enjoy high FPS gameplay (up to 144) and advanced controls customization with a draggable editor and precise sliders for fine-tuning. Whether you want to check the market, view stats, or purchase KR, the new Krunker app lets you do it all without being in the game, saving battery life in the process. It’s your personalized Krunker experience, the ideal companion app for PC players, and the ultimate way to play Krunker on mobile.


Engage in a fully cross-platform fast-paced FPS experience that’s free from bots. Challenge real players across PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android, and iOS devices. Explore over 100,000 user-created custom maps for endless gameplay variety.

Popular modes include Free For All, Infected Zombies Mode, Parkour Mode, and more!

Enjoy ultimate controls customization with the new Krunker app. Customize your layout with a draggable button editor and precise sliders for control, opacity, and scale adjustments. Your controls are saved automatically, and you can also back up your layout via copy/paste for later access or sharing with friends.

Experience the complete Krunker Hub on-the-go with the new Krunker app, combining all functionalities of the Krunker Hub app and the Krunker Client App.

Key Features & Enhancements:

  1. Reduced battery consumption during app usage, including on the home screen, market, shop, etc.
  2. Explore featured custom games directly from the app home screen.
  3. Collect your free KR every hour.
  4. Access Krunker Social, leaderboards, and refresh (F5) button in-game.
  5. Engage in buying, trading, and selling on the Krunker Market.
  6. Purchase KR and spins to unlock new items.
  7. Check your profile, inbox, and stay updated on Krunker news.
  8. Enjoy full-screen gameplay with a slide-up drawer for quick access to features like a “new game” button.
  9. Customize your button layout effortlessly with a draggable editor and fine-tune controls using sliders.

Experience the ultimate Krunker experience with the new Krunker app, now available for seamless gaming and convenience

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